Working on a new film

6 04 2009

I am working on a new film that tries to embody the “new” labor force in America as a rhythmic photomontage of progress, design, and what may rise in the new economy.  I know this is a lofty goal, but the idea is that the imagery digs in and energizes the viewer in a not-so-unpropaganda-like way.  Here is a preview:

Housing Stimulation Package ( container )

14 01 2009




Blogging about the prefab home is nothing new.  I have recently been thinking about this means of building in terms of the economic climate and decided to revisit some sites and recharge my batteries in the name of hope.  The images above are from Adam Kalkin’s website, Architecture and Hygiene.  Kalkin is an architect with a love for the shipping container and he has received a fair amount of press in his day.  Two different homes are represented above.  There is the Quik House (be sure to watch the video), and the Old Lady House; both are built from shipping containers and both are environmentally friendly, and economically stimulating.  He has a number of links to other project examples in his oeuvre.

Taking this route to fulfill your domestic dreams is not going to jump start the housing industry, but it is emblematic of a person who understands a fusion of beauty, practicality and independence.

Floris Hovers makes great things

12 01 2009


Floris Hovers designs and makes these fantastic minimal toy cars out of tubular steel and nylon wheels.  This Dutch designer has a furniture studio as well, but created the first of his Archetoys line when making something for his cousin to play with.  Check out the feature in I.D. Magazine on him here.

Pipilotti Rist at the Moma…

11 01 2009

Pipilotti Rist Installation, "Pour Your Body Out"-Moma Photo: Frederick Charles

Jerry Saltz reviews the Pipilotti Rist Installation at the Moma with an interesting take on femenizing the institution.  When I first saw the piece and noticed the ring shaped couch in the middle of the piece, which replaced the gargantuan Barnett Newman obelisk which used to tower there, I chuckled a bit.  The Newman had been banished to the far corner of the outside courtyard, dwarfed by the city architecture.  Once an upright monument to masculinity, it had been replaced with a soft, cushy, round ring where we could all nap and swim.  I welcomed this change in that mezzanine though I worry in Saltz’s comparison of Rist to Richard Serra. Yes, Rist is to soft and moist what Serra is to hard and dry…. tropes which perpetuate the same tired cliches.

Very Cool Watch Site….

11 01 2009

The Accurate by Mr Jones Watches

I found a great site for the watch enthusiast called “Watchismo”.  You can shop either by vintage or mod categories and there are some really nice pieces.  I particularly love the Mr. Jones watch called “The Accurate”.

Design loves a depression…..

10 01 2009


Michael Cannell’s article in the New York Times, “Design Loves a Depression” is very optimistic and I must say that I am too. While reading this, I could not help but think of Gerrit Rietveld’s “Crate Furniture” designed in 1934.  This depression inspired design allowed the individual to make the chair themselves out of a discarded wooden crate.  I have made several of these and they are durable, comfortable ( considering ) and beautiful.  Perhaps these new economic conditions will generate some great things.

Very excited about this documentary

8 01 2009

This new documentary by Gary Hustwit looks great! Here is the website for the movie.